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March News Update

On Sunday, March 29th at 3:00 PM, Arapahoe County Democrats will hold their County Assembly at Hinkley High School located at 1250 Chambers Rd., Aurora. The County Assembly is where delegates to the State Assembly are elected to nominate candidates to run against Sen.Cory Gardner in the November election. In addition, delegates to the 6th Congressional Assembly will be elected. The 6th Congressional District Assembly will be held on April 17th and willnominate a candidate to the U.S. Congress. Also, delegates will be elected to the Judicial DistrictAssembly which will nominate a candidate for District Attorney.

Furthermore, Senate District 27 Assembly will be held to designate a candidate to run for theState Senate in SD27, which encompasses the eastern half of HD38.

The HD38 assembly will also be held. This break-out assembly will designate a candidate orcandidates for state representative in HD38 to be voted on in the primary on June 30th. There aretwo candidates seeking nomination at the HD38 assembly: David Ortiz and Larry Thompson. Candice Ferguson has elected to seek nomination via petition rather than at the HD38 Assembly.

The candidate, or candidates, designated at the HD38 Assembly will have the top two positionson the primary ballot. Candice will have the second or third position on the primary ballot because she is nominated by Democratic voters who signed her petition.

The reason Candice elected to go the petition route is that she wanted to take her case to thousands of Democratic voters by asking for a signature rather than rely on votes from a hundred or so party insiders who are delegates at the Assembly. 

Caucus attendance in 2020 was much lower than in previous years. As a result, a very smallnumber of people selected the delegates, roughly 3 per precinct or about 200 people, who willselect HD38 primary candidates at the Assembly. Those delegates were selected by theirpreference for U.S. Senate, and not their preference for an HD38 candidate. This means they willreflect their own views, not the views of the caucus attendees or the views of a large number ofDemocrats in HD38 who signed a petition.

Once the Secretary of State approves her petitions, Candice will automatically be placed on the ballot. This could happen before the County Assembly, or shortly thereafter.

Candice believes that the caucus process for nominating candidates is long overdue for reform.She will be presenting her ideas on reform in the coming days.

February News Update
The new year is off to a roaring start for my campaign! I’ve spoken at the Candidate Forum at the HD38 Dems meeting, several house parties in various parts of the district, directly with voters, and most recently at the CBWPA candidate event. In all of these, you have spoken up about various issues of concern to you. These issues include health care, mental health services, community safety, senior care, RTD, roads and traffic, and climate change.

From the moment I entered this race, I have made it clear that this campaign is not about who I am, it is about how I can serve you. My campaign is about you, the people. Here are some concerns you have raised.

Health Care: I have heard your concerns. Seniors are struggling to pay for their supplemental plans and for all that Medicare does not cover. Families with children are struggling to afford their insurance premiums and do not have the resources to fight every time the insurance company refuses to cover something. Also, many in our community are experiencing a need for mental health support and need a little help because they are sad, or depressed, or stressed beyond their ability to cope. Everyone deserves an advocate, someone who has the courage to fight for change and the skills to get things done.

RTD and Roads: Many times on the campaign trail, voters have expressed concerns about the increased light rail and bus fares coupled with huge cuts in service. RTD was created to provide transportation to those those who need it and to reduce traffic on our streets and roads. They should be increasing service, not decreasing it. We must convince RTD, with both your voice and legislation, to get to work and solve these problems.

In addition, our roads and streets are congested beyond belief. A more efficient RTD would help, but we also need to find the money for improvements. This will require building coalitions to convince voters to trust the state to spend their money wisely and accomplish these improvements.

Climate Change: What I find on the campaign trail is that the people are becoming more aware of the dangers of climate change and are ready for action. This is the existential problem of our times. We must tackle this through energy conservation and conversion of our power to green, renewable sources. We must do this in years, not decades. The time for rhetoric is gone. It is time for action.

Public Health
January 31, 2020
A bill is before the legislature that would require the state to establish covered conditions for which non-pharmacological alternatives to opioids are appropriate. Each health benefit plan would be required to provide coverage for at least 6 physical therapy visits and 6 occupational therapy visits per year or 12 acupuncture visits per year, with a maximum of one copayment per year for 12 covered visits. The bill prohibits an insurance carrier from limiting or excluding coverage for an atypical opioid or a non-opioid medication that is approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration. I am pleased that the legislature is addressing this public health issue. We need to do everything possible to support those suffering and end opioid and substance abuse.

Employee Pay 
January 25, 2020
The Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards Order was finalized on Wednesday. It will increase the number of industries covered by overtime and work-break standards. Starting in July, the income limit to qualify for overtime will be $35,568. In January 2021, the limit will increase to $40,500. Qualified workers earning less than the limit are entitled to overtime pay of 1.5 times their hourly base pay for every hour over 40 hours worked per week or over 12 hours in a day. This is a first step in bringing pay equity to Colorado. Many companies put workers on salary to force them to work overtime without pay. When we end the inequities between executive pay and workers' pay, all families can thrive.

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